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Hey just being bored here whats up can anyone make my layour for me please?? if you can comment on my journal and then ill give you my screen name for additnail stuff it would be greatly apprecieated thanks here it is:
Journal title: -x-FlAvOr Of ThE WeEk-x-
-Colors of your journal(be specific if you want certain things certain colors): hot pink and black stripes
-Journal style(Generator, Magazine, etc.): Generator
-Alignment of journal(left, center, right): center
-What do your want you comment links to say:_hearts are beating/Could you stop my heart?
-Background picture? If so, leave the link: http://sgmag.com/mindcandy/091803_yellowcard_435.jpg
-Background pic. - repeat or no repeat: no repeat
-Background color: black
-Text color: hot pink
-Font: Veranda
-Font size: 12
-Do you want to change the colors on your scrollbar? If so, what colors: black and pink
-Do you want to change the cursor: nah
-Do you want a border around your entries? If so, name color and solid, dotted, or dashed: hot pink dashed
-Page transition(if you want a certain kind, be specific, if not, I'll just pick one for you): pick one please!
-Any additional information I forgot:
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ahh i love Ste-phen haha. but not Kristen ... i'm sorry. i like LC!!!